Customer Service

We take great pride in offering a personal service and happy healthy fish! Sometimes it is however, a fact of fish keeping that they do die.

While we take every effort to ensure that the fish arrive ready to be settled into your tank they do sometimes die in transit, and in this instance we are happy to refund the price of the dead fish, only on presentation of photographic evidence, with the fish in the packaging as received from ourselves. Please ensure this is done promptly.

When arranging the delivery of your purchase you can specify the day for delivery to minimise the time the fish are in transit and keep them from suffering. Please note that during prolonged cold periods we may have to stop using a courrier service and may be unable to make deliveries. We will contact you on receipt of any orders with the possibillity of collecting in person, delaying delivery or cancelling the order.

Once placed into your tank we can no longer accept responsibility for the well being of the fish. It is for this reason that we please ask that you make sure you have provided a habitat that provides the correct combination of water temperature, ph, hardness etc for your chosen fish. This information is all freely available online and we recommend that on finding the fish that you like the look of, you have a quick investigate to make sure that your purchase will be as happy in its new home as you will be with how it looks.