Receiving Fish

Please ensure your tank is ready for your new fish! We take great care to ensure are fish leave us in a healthy state but upon arrival they are now looking to you to give them a good home.

 Ensure that the levels of Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate, pH and temperature are suitable and stable. Doing a partial water change the day before arrival often helps with the acclimatisation of new fish.


On receiving your fish there is a simple routine that will help the fish settle and reduce stress, the simple steps are:


1.Try not to open your box under bright lights. Your fish have been in the dark for many hours.
2. Turn off your aquarium lighting.
3. Open the box slowly and float the bag in your aquarium for 20 minutes.
4. Open the bag and add approximately the same amount of aquarium water to the bag as it already contains. Leave the bag floating in your aquarium for another 20 minutes.
5. You can now release your fish into the aquarium.
6. Wait another 20 minutes before switching on your aquarium lights.


YouTube has many good videos on how to introduce your fish to the aquarium and with these simple steps and good fishkeeping your new inhabitants should quickly settle into their new home.